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All-Star Eastern Conference Point Guard Says He Personally Doesn’t Like Kyrie Irving

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Reports of numerous teams sending official trade proposals to the Cleveland Cavaliers in return for point guard Kyrie Irving have started to appear all over the internet and social media. As a result, it seems general managers are asking the players currently on their roster if they think Irving would be a smart acquisition for their respective team.

According to ESPN‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, some players may not like Irving off the court, but all can respect what he does on it.

One elite Eastern Conference point guard told a general manager currently pursuing Irving exactly how he felt:

“I don’t like him personally, but I hate playing against him,” the player said. “I’d trade a lot to get him.”

Wojnarowski also quoted a former teammate of Irving’s, who reminded one Western Conference GM to focus on what matters most when it comes acquiring the talented guard:

“He’s an animal. Forget whatever you hear about him off the court. Go get him.”

Irving seems to have developed a reputation as a less-than-ideal locker-room presence during his first six years in the NBA. Still, his play on the court is what counts and it’s no shock that he is being pursued by nearly two-thirds of the NBA.

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