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Five Reasons LeBron James Will Finish His Career With the Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James City of Cleveland

Since the final buzzer of the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ loss to the Golden State Warriors, the looming story of the offseason has been centered on what may or may not happen after next season: the updated decision of LeBron James.

There’s no pretending that the inherent allure of his rumored 2018 destination team, the Los Angeles Lakers, will be easy for Cavs fans to throw a wet blanket over — it’s easily understood intellectually. First, it’s Los Angeles, where it’s 72 degrees year-round and there’s easy access to beaches. It’s also where James owns a $21 million Brentwood-area mansion and would like to continue his mounting television/film pursuits. In addition, it’s where his wife reportedly would like to settle full-time.

However, even with all of Los Angeles’ draw, there’s tremendous value for LeBron in staying with the Cavaliers long-term. Let’s look at five reasons why The King will stay in Cleveland.

1. He’s Already Got a Great Team

Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Kevin Love

Look, the Cavs just lost to arguably the greatest team in NBA history. There’s no shame in that, and though they seem far from challenging the Warriors’ loaded roster, and their dynasty hype, patience usually wins out. The Cavs don’t have a lot of wiggle room, but there’s definitely some progress that can be made in making up ground with the NBA champions. The Cavs don’t necessarily need better players — they need different players.

Let’s face facts: guard Kyrie Irving and forward Kevin Love evidently aren’t ideal compliments to James. Irving can create for himself, and dance with the best ball-handlers the league has seen. However, as he’s more an undersized two-guard than even a “scoring” point guard, his value is tied directly to his ability to score 25+ and keeping opposing backcourts on skates. While a good shooter, Love isn’t a knockdown three-point shooter, proving problematic given how many regular open looks he receives from James. He’s still a great rebounder, a dynamic outlet passer, and gives effort defensively, even if it’s usually underwhelming.

James makes it work though, almost as a glue player with an all-universe talent. Not only can James deliver his 25+, but he’s going to lead the team in assists, winning plays, and most other statistical/intangibles categories, filling in the team’s shortfalls. The Cavs are likely to cut away most of the supporting cast for longer, more athletic odds and ends. Love could also end up being sent away in the quest for increased defensive efficiency.

If the Cavs can add the right, low-rent complementary pieces, they will be back in the Finals, striving for that second title. Where will he find a better “basketball” situation?

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