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Hilarious Moment Unfolds in Cavs Locker Room Between Kevin Love and Channing Frye

Kevin Love and Channing Frye

One of the key factors for any team is the level of chemistry between teammates, something that the Cleveland CavaliersChanning Frye and Kevin Love apparently have, if a brief moment in Friday night’s postgame locker room is any indication.

Following the Cavaliers’ 104-81 rout of the Detroit Pistons, Frye had showered, dressed and was preparing to leave Quicken Loans Arena when he spotted something in Love’s locker. It was a limited-release bottle of a Triple IPA (India Pale Ale) specifically produced to recognize the Cavaliers’ NBA Championship, entitled “All for One.”

Dave McMenamin of ESPN then described what took place next:

“Funny scene in Cavs locker room postgame. Channing Frye takes stock of his belongings before leaving: ‘Wallet, phone, keys, good to go.’ Then he sees a special ‘One For All’ IPA in Kevin Love’s locker, a brew commemorating the Cavs’s championship. ‘I’m taking his beer,’ Frye said as he grabbed the bottle and walked out of the room. ‘He’ll never drink this anyway. Cutting carbs.’

A suburban Cleveland brewery, The Brew Kettle, produced the bottle in conjunction with the Cavs and only put it on sale this past Wednesday. They had produced just 216 bottles, a symbolic number to acknowledge Cleveland’s area code. Due to the scarcity of the 33.8 oz. bottles that have more than 12 percent alcohol and include a Cavaliers’ championship label, they’re being sold for $25. The hope is that they’ll become a collector’s item.

The product is the second ale that The Brew Kettle has offered the Cavaliers. Back in March of 2015, they put on sale a “One for All” ale, with both beers playing off the team’s slogan of “All For One, One For All.”

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