8 of the Dumbest Things That LeBron James Haters Have Said

LeBron James Cavs

Ever since LeBron James first donned a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey in 2003, critics have been seeking to marginalize his talents. Regardless of the fact that he’s more than lived up to being the top pick in that year’s NBA Draft, many critics still seek to find flaws in his game or his mental makeup.

Listed below are eight of the dumbest remarks ever uttered by LeBron’s critics:

8. “He always has to be the hero.”

Kyrie Irving Game 7

Criticism of this nature usually relates to the sight of James dribbling as the clock winds down to end a quarter or game. The clear inference is that his ego demands that he needs to be the center of attention, regardless of whether or not it serves the team’s best interests.

The main flaw in that theory is that in the biggest game in Cavaliers history, it wasn’t James who connected for the winning basket, it was Kyrie Irving. If James had been so adamant in taking that shot, he would have likely gone ahead and taken it—except that he didn’t.

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