10 Things the Cavs Must Do in Order to Win a Championship This Season

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10. Share the Wealth

Anderson Varejao and Mo Williams

Last season, the Cavaliers relied upon isolation plays more than any other team in the NBA. At times, too much of the Cavs offense relied upon Irving or James attempting to take over the game on their own. This is an easy trap to fall into when you have two of the game’s best creators. However, it does make things difficult for the rest of the team trying to develop an identity, and neglects some of the team’s other strengths.

Both James and Love are viewed as two of the best passing forwards in the NBA. Irving himself possesses arguably the leagues best ball-handling skills, and has a knack for finding open teammates as he weaves his way to the basket. With such skilled players controlling the offense, the Cavaliers should rank much higher than 10th in team assists per game.

The Cavs will put out some offensive units that will be nearly impossible to stop. When that is the case, isolation plays should be a last resort option. Claiming a NBA title is hard enough, and there is no need for the Cavaliers to make it harder by not using their offensive weapons to the fullest.

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