Top 5 Things to Watch for Entering Cleveland Cavaliers Training Camp

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4. How Will the Cavs’ Front Line Depth Shape Up?

Sasha Kaun

Entering training camp, Timofey Mozgov and Love are the projected starters at the front line positions.

The issue isn’t in regards to the starters, but rather the situation on the bench. There is uncertainty surrounding Anderson Varejao’s return from a torn Achilles that forced him to miss the last six months of the season. There is also a huge question mark regarding Kaun and how he can make the international transition from Russia to America.

Perhaps most concerning of all is the continued saga regarding Tristan Thompson. As of this writing, Thompson has yet to be re-signed by Cleveland.

Even if Thompson returns to the Cavaliers over the next few weeks, he will likely return in slightly worse shape than his fellow teammates.

There is no doubt that when Thompson is in the lineup, he makes a huge difference in regards to defense and rebounds.

However, Cleveland can’t possibly expect Thompson to carry the burden of minutes at both the center and power forward positions when Mozgov and Love are on the bench.

The health of Varejao and development of Kaun will go a long way towards the Cavaliers’ ultimate goal of hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2016.

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