Video: LeBron Tells Dwyane Wade: ‘We’re Gonna Reunite Again and Do Some Better Things’

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LeBron James took his talents back to South Beach yesterday in what turned out to be a surprising victory in favor of the Miami Heat, 101-91. After the game, longtime friends James and Dwyane Wade engaged in a conversation that was intriguing to say the least.

At one point in the conversation if you listen closely, James says something along the lines of, “We’re gonna reunite again and do some better and better things alright. You already know, yes sir.” Whether he’s talking about some plans off the court or plans on the court, would it surprise you if the two friends decided to team up once again in the future?

To clarify, both players do have player options next year for the 2015-2016 NBA season. And remember, James signed a two-year, $42.1 million deal with the Cavaliers, with a player option for year two, meaning he can opt out of his contract and become a free agent starting next year. With LeBron already ripping the hearts out of Cleveland in 2010 and saying that he would never do that to his hometown again, it’s hard seeing him going elsewhere. But what if Wade decided to come to Cleveland?

It’s a long shot, however, did anybody think that Wade, James, and Chris Bosh would team up in 2010?

Be sure to listen closely and carefully with the volume turned up (headphones recommended).

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