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Channing Frye admits Cavs tried to bait Draymond Green into getting suspended in 2016 NBA Finals

Many believe that Draymond Green's infamous suspension in the 2016 NBA Finals

Jason Simpson

Draymond Green says he would’ve won 2016 Finals MVP vs. Cavs if Warriors won Game 7

The 2016 NBA Finals will likely always be one of the most

David Akerman

Steve Kerr gets bashed for trying to justify sitting out stars vs. Cavs on road

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr took some criticism for sitting

Peter Dewey

Draymond Green declares LeBron James was already best player in NBA at age 20 while on Cavs

Draymond Green is a firm believer that former Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron

Orel Dizon

Richard Jefferson says there were 2 players on 2016 Cavs team that threw punches at each other

Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson revealed that there were punches thrown

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Draymond Green says refs treat him differently, cites play involving Evan Mobley and LeBron James as proof

The 2016 NBA Playoffs were pretty eventful for Golden State Warriors star

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Draymond compares Cavs fans to Celtics fans: ‘Cleveland people are more reckless and ruthless’

Golden State Warriors veteran forward Draymond Green has a ton of experience

Jonathan Sherman

Draymond Green says award voters don’t know basketball if they didn’t see Darius Garland’s rise coming

In one quick season, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Darius Garland went from

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2016 Cavs champ admits the team might not have won the title without Draymond Green’s suspension

The Cleveland Cavaliers won one of the most memorable and iconic NBA

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