Steve Kerr gets bashed for trying to justify sitting out stars vs. Cavs on road

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Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr took some criticism for sitting out star players Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday.

Kerr explained that he feels bad for fans that bought tickets to see the stars play, adding that he will continue to advocate for a shorter season.

The Warriors played the Boston Celtics on Thursday night in Boston, losing that game in overtime. With the team playing in Cleveland the next night, Kerr sat his star veterans, and the Warriors were still able to get a win over Cleveland.

Even though Golden State won the game, Kerr was bashed on Twitter for sitting his players, with some folks arguing that fans who attended should be refunded.

While it makes sense that fans want to see the best players on the floor, the Warriors did still play to win on Friday night. The frustration would be more understandable from all angles had Golden State mailed in the game, but the Warriors didn’t even need their stars to beat the Cavs.

Obviously, it is frustrating for fans when they don’t get to see players like Curry live in action, but resting players has become a strategy that teams use to stay healthy for the long haul.

Golden State won the NBA Finals last season, so there are a few extra miles on their players’ legs this season.

While Kerr seems to think a 72-game season could help the issue, some fans still believe that he would sit players anyway.

There are certainly two sides to this situation, as Kerr is trying to make sure his veterans are fresh and ready to go for another deep playoff run.

If the NBA were to cut down the number of games per season to reduce back-to-backs, it may be easier for players to play a few times on consecutive nights throughout the season.

A player like Thompson, who has suffered two season-ending injuries in recent years, is certainly better off not pushing his body to the point where he may get hurt.

If players end up getting injured, then fans won’t be able to see them play anyway. It’s a tricky situation to please everyone, but the Warriors at least gave Cavs fans an entertaining game to watch on Friday.

The Cavs and Warriors won’t face off again in the 2022-23 regular season, but they could meet in the NBA Finals if the stars align in the playoffs.

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