Report: Cavs will consider ‘all possibilities’ to fill Kevin Love’s roster spot

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and veteran forward Kevin Love ended their special run together recently when the two sides agreed to a contract buyout.

Now, Love will sign with the Miami Heat, and the Cavs will reportedly look to fill his roster spot.

“League sources expect the Cavs to fill the spot vacated by Love,” Sam Amico of Hoops Wire reported. “It very well could be another big man, which the Cavs were already seeking, sources said.”

Amico added that the Cavs are not restricting their search to NBA veterans. The Cavs will reportedly expand the search from NBA vets to G League players. The addition is not expected to be a flashy one.

“As for who may fill the spot, it’s not likely to be anyone splashy,” Amico added. “A source told Hoops Wire the Cavs will consider all possibilities, to unsigned veterans to G League call-ups.”

When it comes to the timing of Love’s departure, it makes sense and is also somewhat confusing. It makes sense because Love was removed from the Cavs’ rotation recently. In his final 10 games in the team’s lineup, the Cavs went 4-6.

Since Love’s last appearance, the Cavs have gone 9-3. Love’s absence is surely not the only reason why the Cavs have managed to turn things around so drastically, but it is a hard trend to ignore.

With all that in mind, his departure doesn’t make a lot of sense because the 2022-23 season might be finally be the one in which his playoff experience and championship pedigree would have come in handy.

Barring some unexpected collapse, the Cavs will be one of the top seeds in the Eastern Conference playoffs this season. Love’s experience within that realm would have really helped the Cavs players with little playoff experience.

However, the Cavs did recently add veteran Danny Green, whose ample playoff and championship experience should certainly help guide the Cavs.

All in all, Love’s departure is bittersweet. On one hand, it is a clear sign that the Cavs are moving into a brighter future with a roster filled with young and talented players. On the other hand, it marks the end of an incredible era of Cavs basketball.

Of course, that era includes the 2016 NBA championship win, which Love played a major role in.

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