Glen Davis knocks LeBron James for ‘crying’ during epic Cavs-Celtics battles

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Back when LeBron James was dominating the Eastern Conference, either during his two stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers or one stint with the Miami Heat, a team that he often clashed against in the playoffs was the Boston Celtics.

As fans of those franchises know, James sent the Celtics home packing on numerous occasions.

That’s why it may come as a surprise to learn that former Celtics big man Glen Davis recently appeared on a podcast and called James out for how he behaved when he played against the Celtics.

“I love Bron,” he said. “Bron’s a great guy. I love what he’s doing. It was just crazy to guard that motherf—–. He be crying though. He be crying. Don’t worry, he be crying, but he be playing hard. But he still be crying.”

Surely, Davis is referencing James’ propensity to speak his mind about calls made by NBA officials. James is far from the only star player to make use of such a tactic.

Davis’ sentiment is a pretty classic one for former Celtics players to have regarding James. Of course, the player from that era who seems to have the biggest issue with James is Paul Pierce. Pierce was a major star for the Celtics during those years, but it always seemed that James was able to dominate the spotlight.

While Davis’ career has been over for many years, James continues to dominate the NBA as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. He won his fourth NBA title a couple of years ago, and while he has arguably lost a step on the court, he is still one of the most intimidating players to face off against.

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