Report: 76ers want Cavs to take specific route to make ‘pick-heavy’ offers for Ben Simmons enticing

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According to a report, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made “pick-heavy” offers to the Philadelphia 76ers in discussions for three-time All-Star Ben Simmons.

“If it takes five steps for two teams to complete a trade, it’s been described to B/R that no conversation with Philadelphia has truly advanced past step one,” wrote Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. “Few talks actually generated formal offers, and Philadelphia has informed most teams their best path to acquiring Simmons is in a three-team structure, sources said. The Cavaliers and [Minnesota] Timberwolves, for example, have largely made pick-heavy overtures that Philadelphia has urged Cleveland and Minnesota to bring to teams with specific All-Star-caliber players the Sixers actually covet.”

It’s clear that the Sixers’ asking price for Simmons is still exceptionally high. Philadelphia seemingly wants star players, not draft picks, who will help the team in its quest to contend for an NBA title in the 2021-22 season.

Simmons is reportedly in the process of rejoining the Sixers, but it seems like the team is still looking to trade him.

The Cavs continue being mentioned in rumors regarding Simmons. However, based on Fischer’s report, it sounds like Cleveland is going to have to offer a bigger package to Philadelphia if the Cavs want to get a deal done.

Simmons would be a fascinating addition for Cleveland. Although he has some imperfections, he would certainly make the Cavs a better team.

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