Report: Cavs engaging in trade discussions for Collin Sexton and hope to move Kevin Love

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A new report indicates that the Cleveland Cavaliers are speaking with other teams concerning a trade for Collin Sexton, while also hoping to deal away veteran forward Kevin Love.

Kelly Iko of The Athletic looked at how the Cavaliers’ potential moves may impact the Houston Rockets’ second selection as the potentials of top prospects Jalen Green and Evan Mobley are pondered.

“One wildcard: The Cleveland Cavaliers and the No. 3 pick,” Iko wrote. “There has been some debate about what direction the Cavaliers will go on draft night. Mobley has been largely discussed there, as well as the potential of Green and even Suggs. The Cavs are also engaging teams in trade discussions surrounding guard Collin Sexton and hope to move Kevin Love and his remaining $60 million elsewhere, per sources.”

It was just three years ago that Sexton was the eighth overall pick by the Cavs, with concerns about a contract extension serving as a key reason for the trade talk.

How much Sexton can improve in the years ahead and how much the Cavs would have to pay to retain him have sparked debates about whether he would be worth a steep investment.

There’s also been debates about exactly how much the Cavaliers could get in return for Sexton, with some people feeling that he’s not even worth a high pick.

In the case of Love, the Cavaliers may end up simply buying the 32-year-old veteran out of the final two years of his contract. His frequent injuries and huge annual salary have kept teams from offering anything of value for him.

At this point, the Cavaliers appear ready to offer Love to any team that’s willing to take him. Those teams would have to hope that Love, who turns 33 in September, can go back to delivering nightly double-doubles.

One definite hope for the Cavaliers is that this draft marks the last time that they have a lottery pick and that their arduous rebuilding process picks up speed.

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