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Report: Kevin Love trade would only bring Cavs ‘another aging player with an expensive contract’

Kevin Love Cavs

A new report indicates that the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t expected to get much back in return if they’re seeking to trade veteran Kevin Love.

Terry Pluto of responded to questions from readers, with one asking about the possibility of trading Love. Pluto answered by offering the reasons why there’s limited interest in the veteran.

“Love is owed $90 million over the next three seasons,” Pluto wrote. “That’s one reason the market is slow for the 32-year-old Love. But another issue is durability. He has missed 115 of 312 games over the last four seasons. He hurt his calf muscle in the first preseason game this season. A healthy Love would be far more attractive. Right now, all he can bring back is another aging player with an expensive contract – not what the Cavs want.”

Love is the last centerpiece of the team’s iconic era that saw the Cavs reach the finals four consecutive years and capture the franchise’s only NBA title in 2016.

Even though Love is still capable of delivering a double-double performance in every game, the combination of his large contract, injury-plagued history and age has made him tough to trade.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Cavaliers as they continue with their rebuilding process. However, that contract may hamper them from potentially acquiring a younger player who can help the Cavaliers get to the next level.

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