Andre Drummond hints at working towards major evolution in his game

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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Andre Drummond has always been a great rebounder and defender, but a case could be made that his game is somewhat antiquated for today’s NBA.

In an interview with, the big man was asked about how he’s looking to expand his game.

“Have you already identified what you consider the next evolution in your own game?” Drummond was asked.

Drummond’s answer left no question about it.

“Absolutely,” Drummond responded. “That’s what I’m doing. I’m working on it as we speak. I think when we come back people will be really surprised at what I’m working on. So, just continue to become a better player, better teammate and help my team get into a winning situation.”

Drummond was then asked what those changes are.

“You just have to see, man,” said Drummond. “I’m not one of the guys that boasts and brags about my game. I just let it speak for itself. It’s pretty much the same thing I’ve been doing lately — ball-handling, shooting the 3 and being more consistent with that, finishing around the rim, being able to make the right plays, being able to pass the ball when I get cut off or double-teamed, pass it to the corner or the wing, working on my IQ, keeping my head up when I dribble and all the other essential things that need to be done as a big man now to stay on the court.”

The former Detroit Pistons star is one of the game’s strongest forces on the boards and on the defensive end. He’s also one of the better offensive rebounders in recent memory.

But with the pace of the game getting faster and with more emphasis being put on the 3-point shot, it would behoove Drummond to keep up with the evolution of the league.

The Cavs have shown some interest in keeping him long term, but as of now, both sides are reportedly far apart as far as agreeing to a contract extension.

Drummond is going into the final year of his current contract, and that final year is a player option. He will be owed nearly $29 million if he opts in.

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