Kevin Love Shows Off ‘Iconic’ Photo He Had of Dennis Rodman Growing Up

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love took time on Tuesday to post on social media a photo of Dennis Rodman that Love treasured while growing up.

The spark for Love’s post was a segment on Rodman within ESPN’s documentary on the Chicago Bulls, which looked at the highs and lows of the three years that Rodman spent with the Bulls from 1995 to 1998.

The highs were winning NBA championships during all three of those seasons, while the lows focused on Rodman’s behavioral flaws that put at least one title run at risk.

Love describes the photo as “iconic” and the image gives an idea why Rodman eventually entered the Hall of Fame in 2012, despite not being much of a scoring asset.

Rodman’s willingness to sacrifice his body in the manner shown in the photo, coupled with his desire to deal with the dirty work under the boards, helped Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen thrive for the Bulls.

In his 12 seasons in the NBA, Love has experienced the thrills of one NBA title in 2016, and has staked his own claim for the basketball Hall of Fame.

With career numbers of 18.2 points and 11.1 rebounds per game, Love is seemingly on a path to the Hall of Fame. That journey would likely become much clearer if Love and the Cavaliers are able to get back to being the title contenders they were just two years ago.

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