Report: Sources Describe LaMelo Ball’s Defense ‘Questionable’ and Jump Shot ‘Broken’

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With the Cleveland Cavaliers looking ahead to the 2020 NBA draft, guard LaMelo Ball is among the prospects under consideration, but a new report describes his jump shot as “broken.”

Chris Fedor of answered questions from fans on a variety of topics and responded to one asking about the Cavaliers’ approach in the draft. Ball’s versatility and overall skills appear to make him a solid selection, but his shooting flaw and defensive woes could end up overriding those assets.

“There’s a strong case for the playmaking Ball as the best prospect in this class,” Fedor wrote. “He’s smart and skilled, with incredible vision and passing instincts. Even though one source described his shot as ‘broken’ and another questioned his care level on defense, Ball has unique size that could allow him to play multiple positions. His skill set is different than Cleveland’s other guards, making the argument a bit more sturdy.”

The Cavaliers already have multiple young guards on the roster and have used their top pick in each of the last two drafts to bolster their backcourt.

That’s one reason why the Cavs may choose to instead go with a big man such as James Wiseman. However, with a past history of having bypassed Damien Lillard and Victor Oladipo in past drafts because of perceived depth, the Cavs might not want to avoid potentially making a similar mistake.

Even with Ball’s obvious basketball talent, one off-the-court problem that’s unique to him still exists: his bombastic father LaVar Ball.

Having to deal with the elder Ball’s frequent criticism and unsolicited advice might be something that the Cavaliers front office wants to avoid in the years ahead.

Exactly when the draft will taken place remains up in the air, considering that there’s no guarantee that the 2019-20 season will even resume. Another mystery is exactly what pick the Cavaliers will have, given that the NBA lottery has yet to be conducted.

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