Report: John Beilein’s Own Staff Had Issues With His ‘Inconsistent And Overbearing Approach’

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A month ago, John Beilein resigned as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers just a few months into the five-year contract he signed in the 2019 offseason.

However, it seems that from the get-go, Beilein was ill-equipped to transform the Cavs into a winning team.’s Chris Fedor recently answered fan questions. He was asked about his thoughts on whether or not Kevin Love would still want to be on the Cavs’ roster next season with Beilein gone.

“I don’t think it’s fair to single out Love,” Fedor wrote. “Many players — youngsters and vets — and coaches on Beilein’s own staff had an issue with the inconsistent and overbearing approach. Early on, Beilein simply wasn’t willing to meet anyone halfway and the message was often muddled and puzzling. Some coaches walked in daily not knowing what to expect.”

After Beilein stepped down, reports swirled that Love was not a fan of the 67-year-old coach. There were also rumors that Beilein treated his players like a dictator.

Apparently, even Beilein’s own staff had a difficult time working with him. Beilein’s approach might have found success in the college ranks, where he had plied his trade for around four decades, but it certainly proved ineffective at the professional level.

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