Koby Altman on Whether Cavs Want to Trade Kevin Love: ‘No, Not at All’

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One thing that seems fairly constant when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers are the rumors regarding the future of star big man Kevin Love.

Since he was acquired in 2014, there have been countless trade rumors involving Love. Despite that, the big man remains in Cleveland.

Per Cavs general manager Koby Altman, it would be very difficult for the Cavs to move on from Love.

“He knew this was going to be a process,” Altman told Cleveland.com. “He knew we were going to bring in some younger guys. He knew we were going to build. He was all in for that,” Altman said. “. . . For a guy that is a five-time All-Star, loves it here, wants to help us grow, I don’t know how you replace a player that caliber. He’s been great and meaningful to our guys. We are a much better team with him on the floor. The city has embraced him, he’s embraced the city and so it would be really, really tough to move on from him”

Altman was then asked if the Cavs have any interest in trading Love.

“No. Not at all,” Altman said quickly.

It’s certainly telling to hear how strongly Altman feels about Love. As one of the few players left on the roster from the team that won the 2016 title, Love has a championship pedigree that is highly valuable when it comes to trying to build a team from the ground up.

So far, Love is enjoying a resurgent season compared to last year when he played just 22 games due to injury. Love is currently averaging a monstrous 19.2 points and 14.3 rebounds per game. He is also averaging 4.3 assists per game, the second-highest season average of his career.

Right now, the Cavs have no desire to trade Love.

Still, if he continues to prove his immense worth and a title contender comes calling offering a massive haul, Altman and the rest of the team’s front office would be wise to consider it.

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