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J.R. Smith Throws Shade at Entire NBA After Marcus Morris Hits Wizards Player in Face

Justin Anderson and Marcus Morris

After seeing Marcus Morris hit Justin Anderson in the head with the basketball during preseason action on Monday, J.R. Smith thought about his current unemployment status.

Smith made his comment on Instagram, and it looks as though he’s as shocked as everyone else at Morris’ audacity to purposely hit another player in the face.

J.R. Smith Instagram

The incident occurred during the preseason game between the New York Knicks and Washington Wizards.

The Knicks revamped their roster this offseason as planned, but failed to land any of the marquee free agents of 2019. They settled instead for several players who were good enough to be starters such as Morris, who signed with New York on a one-year, $15 million deal.

Known as an enforcer on the Boston Celtics the past two seasons, Morris nearly hit Anderson in the face with his elbows as he swung in the direction of the Wizards small forward initially.

Anderson, who was playing defense like it was a playoff game, was evidently surprised by the no-call. It seemed to embolden Morris to hit Anderson intentionally on his next move. Then came the ejection.

Morris played in only 19 minutes and finished with 17 points and seven rebounds before he was ejected.

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