Report: Cleveland Cavaliers Could Be Involved in Russell Westbrook Trade With Miami Heat

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Russell Westbrook is rumored to be on his way to the Miami Heat, but it looks like he may need help getting there.

The Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly may be involved in a trade between the Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.

A three-team trade between the Heat, Cavs and Thunder is a possibility with Miami securing Westbrook in the deal, while the other two teams acquire assets in their rebuilding efforts. When Paul George was traded to the Clippers last week, it signaled the changing of an era for the Thunder. The trade essentially ensured that Westbrook would be dealt to another team in the near future.

The Cavs are in a similar situation after LeBron James departed for the Los Angeles Lakers last summer. But they are now in year two of their post-James days and have acquired a number of young players in the process. They are currently exploring trade options for some of their veterans.

Among those the Cavs could move in a three-team trade are J.R. Smith, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Smith, in particular, could be of interest to the Thunder, who are seeking cap relief. The guaranteed money on his $15.7 million contract is only $4.4 million, and that should be quite enticing to Thunder general manager Sam Presti.

Meanwhile, the Heat are interested in contending for the playoffs next season, and would rather not rebuild through the draft as the Cavs have been doing of late.

As the Westbrook rumors have ratcheted up in intensity the past few days, there could be more rumblings very soon about the aforementioned Cavaliers players being part of a deal.

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