Report: Several NBA Players Have Privately Reached Out to Kevin Love Regarding Their Mental Health

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Kevin Love’s inspirational article in The Players Tribune’ last year resonated with a countless number of people who understood his struggles.

In an interview with Yahoo! News’ Jason Rosario for the show, “Dear Men,” Love indicated that men have approached him about what has often been a taboo subject in the past.

The reason for Love being approached is due to the high profile he’s taken with regard to creating awareness, according to Rosario:

“Love has become an activist on the issue, and he’s having conversations about mental health with other men. ‘I’ve had a number of guys that actually haven’t expressed themselves at all publicly and they’ve come up to me and asked me how [they] can get help,’ he revealed.”

The March 2018 article that has since driven Love to become such an advocate for mental health cited instances of him battling issues like depression and anxiety. In the latter case, he suffered a panic attack during a November 2017 game and had to leave the contest.

In the wake of the article, Love began speaking openly about his own struggles and also created a foundation to expand awareness. A spate of celebrity suicides that followed months later also resonated with him and made him even more determined to have an impact.

With a new four-year, $120 million contract set to begin next season, Love’s finances aren’t a problem. By the time that deal has ended, he’s hoping to have made a serious dent when it comes to making as many people as possible aware of the importance of positive mental health.

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