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Tristan Thompson Details Why He’s Been So Impressed With Collin Sexton Lately

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Collin Sexton has been turning a lot of doubters into believers as of late, and one of those converts seems to be fellow Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson.

After being vocal about his disdain for his younger teammates‘ faults earlier this season, Thompson praised the rookie point guard for his impressive play as of late.

“He’s taking steps in the right direction,” Tristan Thompson said following the Cavs’ win over the Milwaukee Bucks. “He’s taking the 3-ball now. Earlier in the year he was taking the midrange. Now he’s getting confident in his 3-point shot, which has spaced out the floor so much for him, and I think that’s helping him get to the rim more. The more he’s shooting 3s, teams have to respect it. It’s easier for him to attack the rim.”

As Joe Vardon of The Athletic noted, this change in Thompson’s tune is a sign of just how far Sexton has come in his rookie campaign.

“Yes, I know, Thompson hasn’t been heard from in two months,” he wrote. “I’ll have much more on him shortly. I thought his comments on Sexton were important, though, because he was one of the Cavs’ veterans at the beginning of the season who, on the record, was laying it on pretty thick about the ‘young guys’ not playing the right way and costing them games.”

Thompson has dealt with a bevy of injuries this season and has only played in 36 games. Sexton, on the other hand, has played in all 72 games that the Cavs have played so far this season.

While Thompson was a veteran leader for the Cavs heading into the 2018-19 season, Sexton is quickly becoming the star scorer at the center of their game plan.

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