Former NBA All-Star Says Duke Could Beat Cavs

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the least talent-rich rosters in the NBA right now, and on Tuesday, former NBA All-Star Paul Pierce explained why that lack of talent could result in a loss to Duke University.

Pierce laid out his argument on ESPN’s “The Jump,” and as much as it hurts to admit, he might have a point.

“Everybody thought I was tripping when I said that the Duke Blue Devils could beat the Cavs,” Pierce began. “Without Kevin Love. Without Kevin Love the Duke Blue Devils could beat the Cavs. Seriously.”

He was then asked to explain his bold claim. It became quite a bit less outlandish once he did that.

“Well, Duke’s top three players are already better than three players right now on the Cavs,” he said.

“They have three players that would start right now in Cleveland. Right now.”

The three players Pierce is referencing to are RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish, and of course Zion Williamson.

All season long, the Cavs have been linked to Williamson due to the fact that it seems inevitable that they will earn the top pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and select the 6-foot-7 forward.

In truth, even if the Cavs do not land the very top pick, but select within the top five, it is likely that a former Duke star could end up on the Cavs’ roster.

Whether or not fans agree with Pierce’s assertion, there is no doubt that some premier collegiate talent would be more than welcome in Cleveland.

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