Cedi Osman and LeBron James Text Every Couple Weeks to Keep Up With Each Other

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Despite only playing together for one year, Cedi Osman and LeBron James have a special relationship. And that relationship has held strong, even after James left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com, Osman and James text each other every few weeks, to check in and see how the other is doing.

“Osman has James’ number but he doesn’t want to be a bother,” Fedor reported. “He usually attempts to text James once or twice every two weeks just to catch up and see how the season is going. It’s their way of keeping the relationship strong despite being thousands of miles away.

“In November, when Osman was forced to miss a pair of games with back spasms, James reached out.

“‘He was asking how I was feeling and stuff like that,’ Osman said. ‘He’s my favorite player in the world but having him ask how my back is and caring about me, that’s something that’s really special.'”

During their year together Osman was never shy about his adoration for James. It was part of what made their dynamic so fun to watch. Knowing that the relationship between the 23-year old Osman and the 34-year old James is holding strong should bring a smile to the face of any Cavs fan.

The departure of James, a four-time MVP, has opened up a huge opportunity for Osman. After playing just 11.0 minutes per game a year ago, Osman is up to 31.8 minutes per game this season. On the year, he’s averaging 11.7 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game.

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