Coach Larry Drew Says Cavs Are ‘Getting Close’ to Playing Winning Basketball

Cavs Larry Drew and Collin Sexton

The Cleveland Cavaliers have gotten off to about as bad of a start as possible, but that doesn’t mean Cavs head coach Larry Drew isn’t seeing progress.

Looking back at the Cavs’ last contest in which they lost to the Chicago Bulls in a 99-98 nail-biter, Drew spoke about the progression he is seeing amongst his players.

“After the Chicago game, all the guys kept saying, ‘We’re getting close.’ Getting close means we’re starting to show that real competitive edge to us,” Drew said. “We’re starting to play with a sense of urgency. It really comes down to plays going down the stretch. On the road all you can do is put yourself in position to win the game and I thought we did that the other night.

“As long as we are in those situations, I feel very confident, I feel very good because I know sooner or later we’ll be on the other end of that score.”

Cavs big man Tristan Thompson, who has taken on more of a leadership role since Kevin Love’s absence due to toe surgery, echoed his head coach’s sentiment.

“Obviously you want to get the W, but these losses haven’t been bad losses and they’ve been losses where one or two minor tweaks and you win the ballgame. So that’s a positive about it,” Thompson said of the Cavs’ last three games. “Think they all understand what is going on right now and we’re trying to come together as a group and teach guys good winning habits. That’s what matters at the end of the day. Teach these young guys good winning habits. That’s how you build a culture and a franchise and that’s how you continue building success.”

Thompson’s words are a big change from just a couple weeks ago, when he outwardly criticized his younger teammates who were still transitioning to new roles.

Hopefully the Cavs’ ability to remain competitive in games will give players and fans more to look forward to.

While it seems clear that the 2018-19 season isn’t going to end in an NBA Finals appearance like the previous four seasons have, there’s no reason why there can’t be a whole lot of fun along the way.

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