Report: Rodney Hood Asking for Lucrative 3-Year Contract From Cavs

Rodney Hood Cavs

Free agent Rodney Hood has seen little interest since the start of the process on July 1, though the Cleveland Cavaliers still remain amongst the interested parties. However, one insider’s information on Hood’s apparent asking price could mean a change in the team’s level of interest.

Joe Vardon of explained the current situation and gave a hint to the asking price of Hood and his representatives:

“The Cavs have 13 players under contract heading into training camp, which starts with media day on Sept. 24. They are waiting on restricted free agent Rodney Hood, who is looking at either accepting the Cavs’ one-year, $3.4 million qualifying offer or trying to get them to come up from their three-year offer worth, according to sources, about $7 million annually.

“Hood is said to be looking for something in the $9 million range annually.”

Prior to Hood becoming a free agent, the Cavaliers made a qualifying offer of $3.4 million, which allowed them to keep restricted rights on his free agency.

Hood was acquired in a February deadline deal, but struggled during his time in Cleveland. That was largely due to injuries but also the inconsistency that was part of his game with his former team, the Utah Jazz. A postseason controversy also didn’t help his cause, but the Cavaliers have appeared willing to offer him the chance to make a new start for the upcoming season.

The negotiating stance seems odd for Hood, considering that apparent lack of interest that’s been evident. The Cavaliers seem likely to wait him out, with the hope that he’ll adopt a more realistic negotiating stance.

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