Skip Bayless Gives Rare Compliment to LeBron, Says He’s GOAT in One Particular Category

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During the course of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James‘ 15 years in the NBA, one of his most severe critics has been media personality Skip Bayless. The criticism from Bayless has often gone out of its way to find fault with James, yet in the wake of the Cavaliers’ disastrous Game 1 performance against the Boston Celtics, Bayless actually found time to at least partly compliment the veteran’s basketball intellect.

Bayless, one of the co-hosts of FS1’s “Undisputed,” tweeted about James’ postgame remarks after Cleveland dropped a 108-83 decision to Boston on Sunday afternoon. Those comments included a detailed description of how the Celtics ran off seven unanswered points in the early moments of the fourth quarter, which helped end any chance of a comeback by the Cavs.

Of course, even in the course of offering a compliment to James, Bayless couldn’t resist delivering more criticism toward him on the air:

Hours later, Bayless continued the onslaught on James with another pair of tweets:

In the event that anyone might think that Bayless was done taking potshots at James, a comparison between James and retired Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was then made:

In reality, the loss on Sunday was just one game, which means that the Cavaliers can send the series back to Cleveland tied at 1-1 with a victory on Tuesday night. That basketball IQ of James that Bayless spoke of, which has helped his teams reach the last seven NBA Finals, will undoubtedly take into consideration all of the criticism and speculation from countless media members. The end result likely to be a strong effort in Game 2, with that contest scheduled for tipoff just after 8:30 p.m.

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