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Report: Kyrie Irving Wasn’t Willing to Report to Training Camp If He Wasn’t Traded

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The trade of Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night ended six weeks worth of drama about where the Cleveland Cavaliers were going to send the six-year guard. However, despite the Cavaliers’ public statements about bringing Irving to training camp if a deal wasn’t made, one report indicates that Irving wouldn’t have reported if that situation had taken place.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN cited the fact that some Cavs players were hopeful that the conflict could be smoothed over.

“In recent weeks, that idea became unrealistic, as Irving let it be known that he would rather not report to training camp than begin another season with Cleveland,” McMenamin wrote.

Some in the media have used the term “circus atmosphere” to describe what the situation would have been like had Irving reported. That, coupled with Irving’s clear disinterest in being there, would have made the already-tough task of planning to dethrone the Golden State Warriors that much more difficult.

Such a scenario has been avoided, though the health of new acquisition Isaiah Thomas remains a cause for concern as he rehabilitates an injured hip. However, during his six years as a member of the Cavs, Irving’s health status often came under close scrutiny as well.

Just two years ago, Irving missed the first two months of the 2015-16 season as he rehabilitated a fractured kneecap. However, by the time the team’s season had ended, it was Irving who hit a 3-pointer that gave the Cavaliers their first-ever title. The Cavaliers would be more than happy to see Thomas follow in those footsteps.

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