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Gilbert Arenas Defends LeBron James and Notion of Superteams

LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas

In the latest example of someone coming to the defense of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James, former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas took to social media to attack critics who believe that James is responsible for the concept of superteams.

A real analyst would agree with this statement LEBRON has never had a super team smdh his years in miami, him and dwade were the only (ALL NBA) players them years, last time bosh was on that all NBA team was #07 so you have 2.5 stars…ray allen came for the second championship, pls ppl he was 37 yrs old and came off the bench #NoStar..NOW this cavs team also has 2.5 stars Kevin love has not been a star since joining the cavs #noshade …GS here's why your a super team, your the first team in history I think that all 4 players are actually ALL NBA at the same time….2014-15 klay and curry (All NBA) green (first team all defense)and they win a championship 2015-16 (curry,klay,green) were ALL NBA players and green first team all defense this type of power put you guys at 73-9 beating the bulls record ? the only reason U lost the chip was green missing a game and the momentum was lost….so U have a back 2 back MVP,second team all NBA/first team all D..and 3rd all NBA team ON the same team and then you add the best natural scorer in the NBA on your team ?? if u can't visualize this #example spurs won the title in 2005 and then again in 07 what if they added Kobe after the 2006 season ?? GS is so good that Klay Thompson had a bad season and he avg 22 ?? and scored 60 fucking points in 29 mins…u know how good u have to be to pull this shit off with 3 MVP titles and 5 NBA scorers titles on the same floor ? then u take they 4th option green, (if) they had to trade one person it would be green and he is the heart and soul of this team….the 4th option leads the team in (Asst,rebounds,blocks,steals) for 3 yrs str8 ??without KD cavs would have had a hard time beating them this year..KD was just the fuck u player they added ??this ain't Boston when 3 players that's in they mid 30's getting together or LAkers when Malone and GP got there these 4 players are 29 and under…all in the best part of they careers..the only thing that will stop them is that (1 billion dollar luxury tax) the owner will have to pay in 2019 ORRR cavs getting PG and AD added with kyrie,LBJ now we talking…really cavs had to play all 4 games like game 4 to beat them smdh

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Arenas bases his remarks on the fact that James lacked the firepower around him that the Golden State WarriorsKevin Durant currently has. The term “superteam” has picked up in usage during the past season after the Warriors had signed Durant as a free agent and proceeded to defeat James’ Cavaliers in five games in the NBA Finals. Durant’s signing came in the wake of the Warriors winning an NBA-record 73 games during the 2015-16 regular season, though they ended up watching a 3-1 Finals lead to the Cavaliers disappear.

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