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Top 5 Reasons Cavs Fans Shouldn’t Be in Panic Mode Just Yet

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With the Cleveland Cavaliers getting ready to say a welcome goodbye to a mediocre March, some of the Cavs’ fan base appear to be getting very nervous or are in an outright panic. That’s because the team has stumbled over the past month, especially when looking at the defensive side of the equation.

Despite all of the doom and gloom scenarios being thrown out by self-proclaimed experts, it makes much more sense to take a more reasoned approach when looking at the Cavaliers’ chances. Listed below are five reasons why it might be a good idea to hold off on pressing any panic buttons:

1. Postseason Road Warriors

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Though it’s looking more and more like the Cavs may not end up with the top seed in the Eastern Conference, playing on the road during the postseason isn’t a task that instills fear into the team. In the first three rounds of the playoffs during the last two seasons, the Cavaliers have managed a 13-3 record away from home and last year managed to clinch all of their series on the road.

Even in a place like Oracle Arena, Cleveland has managed to win three of its seven postseason contests over the past two years, including Game 7 of last year’s finals. Having emerged with a title under that type of pressure and facing many teams that have a limited postseason resume should give the Cavaliers an important and subtle advantage — something LeBron James has referred to as the team’s “championship DNA.”

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