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Four Big Men Cavs Could Sign in Wake of Andrew Bogut’s Injury

Larry Sanders Cavs

The devastating injury of Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bogut now puts the team in the same bind they were in less than a week ago, needing a big man in the paint for the team’s stretch run and postseason. While choices are limited, Cavaliers general manager David Griffin does have several options in this possible pursuit and will likely seek to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Given the fact that Bogut is recovering from a fractured tibia, it’s doubtful that he could return this season. Even if he was able to return quickly, the fact that he was injured after less than a minute on the court may make the Cavs wary of putting him back into competitive play.

While NBA rules don’t allow the Cavs to acquire any postseason-eligible player from another team, they could acquire one via the free agent market. Sam Amico of explains how the Cavaliers would go about that process, noting that Bogut would have to be released to open up a roster spot:

Listed below are four free agents the Cavs could sign to replace Bogut:

1. Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders Milwaukee Bucks

The Cavaliers had already worked Sanders out prior to signing Bogut and may choose to take advantage of Sanders’ skills as a shot blocker. However, his critical comments that came after Bogut had been signed may not have been well-received in the Cleveland front office. Throw in his off-the-court issues and the fact that he hasn’t played in two seasons and that may make the Cavaliers wary of potentially damaging the strong chemistry the team currently possesses.

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