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5 Signs That Point Kevin Love Making All-Star Team This Season


3. Better Overall Shooting

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Love’s average field-goal percentage is currently at 45.1 percent, which serves as the fourth-best number of his career. The key difference here, however, is that he’s been able to increase his shots by two per game (12.7 to 14.7) from his previous Cleveland numbers, while seeing a rise in his success rate at the same time.

During his last three years in Minnesota, Love was launching 18.5 shots per game, which didn’t translate into success on the scoreboard. That’s because the Timberwolves were 97-133 (.422), though Love did miss most of that second season due to injury.

With the Cavaliers this season, Love has been able to achieve more success with a “less is more” philosophy. Looking at his field-goal shooting, the team has had greater success when he limits himself to 16 shots or fewer. When he goes beyond that, the team has split four games, compared to the 11-3 mark achieved by staying at or below that magic number.

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