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Four Reasons the Cleveland Cavaliers Should Pursue Chris Bosh in 2017

LeBron James and Chris Bosh Cleveland Cavaliers

4. Bosh Could Lead the Bench Unit

Chris Bosh Miami Heat

Say the Cavaliers hold on to Kevin Love and sign Bosh. An 11-time All Star would make for a hell of a leader off the bench. The Cavs’ starting roster is already a deadly one, but their bench is not looking so deep these days. If Bosh were to come off the bench for Cleveland, he would be far-and-away the most dominant player on the team’s second unit and one of the best bench players in the league, even if he were only 75 percent of the player he used to be.

With his veteran leadership and lengthy playoff experience (see: four straight Finals appearances), he could pave the way for continued, well-rounded success in Cleveland. The Cavaliers’ projected bench lineup does not contain many (if any) guys that are known to constantly create their own shots. Bosh not only creates his own shots, but creates opportunities for others as well with his post game, versatility and ability to spread the floor.

Right now Bosh’s future is still a bit cloudy. No one knows for sure where he’ll end up a year from now. However, if he can be medically cleared and truly wants to play the game to the fullest, the four factors mentioned above make pursuing Bosh a no-brainer for the Cavaliers in 2017. Everyone loves a redemption story, and if Bosh stays healthy into the future, the sky is the limit as it pertains to the big man’s comeback.

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