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5 Shooting Guards Cavs Could Sign If J.R. Smith Doesn’t Re-Sign

Kevin Martin Spurs

2. Mario Chalmers

Mario Chalmers Memphis Grizzlies

Mario Chalmers has been in the Cavs’ rumor mill for several weeks now since the departure of Matthew Dellavedova.

And it makes perfect sense, as the Cavs need a backup point guard on the roster regardless of whether or not Smith returns. But if Smith doesn’t return, the signing of Chalmers may become a necessity.

There is some inherent risk with Chalmers, who is coming off an Achilles tear. But the risk is worth the reward, especially for the Cavs, who would be reuniting Chalmers with former teammate James.

Together, the pair won a couple of NBA championships on the Miami Heat, and clearly formed some great chemistry together on the court.

Furthermore, Chalmers has shown a great ability to play both on-the-ball and off-the-ball on the offensive side, which would allow him to backup Irving and step into some of the minutes left by the absence of Smith.

Chalmers has also shown an ability as a capable defender in certain spots, particularly against backup point guards and shooting guards, which is where his responsibilities would likely fall for the Cavs.

And with Iman Shumpert as a running mate, his defensive responsibilities would not be as important or daunting because Shumpert would guard the better of the two guards.

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