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7 Players the Cavs Could Trade Kevin Love for by the Trade Deadline

Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks

3. Rudy Gay and Kosta Koufos

Rudy Gay Sacramento Kings

As one of the biggest names on this list, it would be considered a blockbuster trade if the Cavaliers acquired Rudy Gay.

Gay has been the source of trade rumors all season long. It seems the Sacramento Kings are committed to trading the forward before the trade deadline. While he’s not the scorer that he was during his prime years with the Memphis Grizzlies, he’s averaging 18.0 points on an effective 46.9 percent shooting from the field.

The 6’8″ Gay would become a small power forward in the starting lineup, which once again coincides with head coach Tyronn Lue’s desire to increase tempo.

In order to make the Gay trade work with Sacramento, another player has to be attached to the trade package, and that could be none other than center Kosta Koufos.

Koufos is a 7-foot rim protector. Like the previously-mentioned Hawes, the acquisition of another center makes Mozgov expendable.

While Koufos likely wouldn’t figure into the Cavs’ regular rotation, he could play major minutes when the matchup is right versus a team that plays big lineups.

More importantly, he makes the trade of Love-for-Gay possible.

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