Iman Shumpert calls out Joe Biden for his response to yet another U.S. school shooting

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On Tuesday, tragedy struck a Texas elementary school when a gunman opened fire and killed 19 children and two adults in a senseless rampage.

People across the United States of America have expressed their devastation and rage at the fact that members of the federal and state governments seem committed to doing very little to pass gun control laws and curb the epidemic of gun violence in the country.

One person who took to social media to express anger over the situation was former Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert.

Shumpert hopped on Twitter and called out President Joe Biden.

Hours later, when he received some criticism for his message directed at Biden, Shumpert made his feelings clear.

Over the last decade or so, gun violence and mass shootings have seemed like a near constant for people within the United States. As regular citizens cry for the government to do something to try to get guns and assault rifles off the streets, people in the government seem unable to come to an agreement on what to do and how to solve the issue.

Until major changes are made that have an impact on the number of guns that are in the hands of dangerous individuals, the tragic reality is that shootings like these will likely continue to happen.

Hopefully, the emotions that Shumpert and millions of other Americans are expressing right now will finally break through the noise and convince the government to enact new laws to protect innocent individuals across the United States.

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