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Report: Indiana Pacers like Collin Sexton as a ‘terrific scorer’

Collin Sexton

The Indiana Pacers, 12-16, are stuck in a rut, and they are reportedly looking to shake up the roster.

One player they reportedly “like” is Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton.

“If the Pacers ultimately decide to rebuild and trade veterans such as Caris LeVert, what he does is something the Cavs don’t have at present as a tall guard who can score consistently,” wrote Joe Vardon of The Athletic. “Indiana, sources said, likes the Cavs’ injured guard Collin Sexton as a ‘terrific scorer,’ though the Pacers have not yet brought him up in the discussions they’ve had with Cleveland’s executives.”

Sexton is out for the remainder of the 2021-22 NBA season after sustaining a season-ending injury last month. In the wake of his injury, it was reported that Cleveland still views him as a “major part” of its young core.

However, the Cavs have been playing well even with Sexton not suiting up. The team is currently 16-12 and fifth in the Eastern Conference.

It is not yet known if the Cavs are looking to trade away the 22-year-old guard. Sexton has been one of the team’s most consistent scorers in recent years, having a career average of 20.0 points per game.

If a Sexton-LeVert trade does push through, Cleveland will at least receive another legitimate scorer in return. The 27-year-old wing averaged 20.7 points per game last season in a Pacers uniform.

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