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Kyrie Irving takes vicious shot at LeBron James and his ability to deliver in the clutch

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

In a discussion about taking the last shot in a game, former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving offered high praise to Kevin Durant and seemingly took a shot at LeBron James.

Irving, who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets, appeared on The ETCs with Kevin Durant and spoke about how Durant, a teammate with the Nets, also has a flair for connecting in the clutch.

In the process, he appeared to jab his former Cavaliers teammate.

Of course, every Cavaliers fan knows that Irving hit the biggest shot in franchise history when he connected on a 3-pointer in the final minute of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

That shot ended up being the game-winner and made Irving a team legend, an accolade he shares with James, who was named Finals MVP of that series.

The following year, both Irving and James saw how clutch Durant could be when he connected on a 3-pointer in the final minute of Game 3 of the 2017 finals. That shot helped Durant’s Golden State Warriors team win the NBA title.

While Irving may have delivered a shot at James, the same success that James has had as a member of three different teams has thus far eluded Irving.

James has won league titles with the Miami Heat and Cavaliers, and his Los Angeles Lakers lead the 2020 finals 1-0 over the Heat.

In contrast, Irving was traded away from the Cavaliers in 2017 and failed to win a championship with the Boston Celtics for two seasons. Last year, without the services of Durant, he came up short again.

James has hit his fair share of clutch shots, but Irving seems to prefer cementing his bond with Durant.

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