Kevin Love Reveals Big Regret He Has Over Course of NBA Career

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has spent 12 seasons in the NBA, but he’s now expressing some regret that he didn’t take time to document his feelings over the course of his entire career.

Love spoke to Chloe Anello of New York magazine about the things he can’t do without. The veteran indicated that relatively obscure items like a notebook and notecards are on that list, lamenting that he missed the opportunity to write down key aspects of his past.

“I wish I journaled more through my years in the NBA, at UCLA, and even in high school — it’d be really amazing to look back and read about how I was feeling at those times,” Love said.

The Cavs forward stated that his learning process and sense of understanding grow when he writes things down, noting that his frequency of documenting things has grown recently.

Over the past few years, Love has been much more open about the struggles he’s faced in his life, becoming a prominent spokesman for concern over mental health. That’s included openly discussing his past panic attacks, conflicts with his father and dealing with injuries.

One likely reason for the recent increase in Love jotting things down is the continuing coronavirus pandemic. The crisis shut down play in the NBA and has had a devastating financial impact on countless people’s livelihoods, including the game-day staffs of those teams.

That’s left plenty of free time for Love to put his thoughts on paper, something that he’ll be able to look back on in the years ahead.

While the 31-year-old Love continues to be the subject of trade talk, the focus he now puts on his mental health allows him to look at things more positively and document anything he’s thinking about.

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