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Report: Cavs to Eventually Demote Collin Sexton to Bench Role

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Collin Sexton has been a productive young guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers since he was drafted into the league last year.

Despite that, one report from NBA insider Jason Lloyd of The Athletic indicates that Sexton will likely be demoted from a starting role to a bench player.

The primary reason for Lloyd’s belief has to do with the fact that Sexton and rookie guard Darius Garland may not be cut out to play alongside one another in the starting lineup.

“It seems inevitable now that Sexton will eventually be moved into a bench role, which could ultimately help both players thrive,” Lloyd wrote. “Somehow, despite Garland’s presence, Sexton’s usage rate has actually managed to increase from last year. Separating them and putting the ball in Garland’s hands more consistently will give the Cavs a better rhythm on offense while also allowing them a chance to succeed defensively. It will also free Sexton to do what he does best: attack.”

So far this season, Sexton has averaged 17.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game. They’re solid numbers and mark statistical improvements in both points and rebounds per game compared to that of his rookie season.

As for Garland, the rookie is currently averaging 10.0 points and 3.1 assists per game. He has started to come on as of late, however, averaging 12.6 points in his last five games.

It seems the primary reason this move would take place is because the team’s coaching staff believes Garland is a better playmaker and facilitator. As for Sexton, he very well could develop into a fantastic scoring option off the bench akin to players like Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford.

As the Cavs continue to rebuild, there is little doubt that feathers will be ruffled. It’s possible, that a move to the bench could upset the highly competitive Sexton.

Hopefully, he is able to maintain the maturity he has displayed so far in his young career.

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