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Kevin Love Shares Time When He Brought Clickbait Article to LeBron James and Got Rebuffed

LeBron James and Kevin Love

The relationship between Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love and his former teammate LeBron James is by all accounts a strong one. Yet a new report indicates that during the 2015-16 season, Love was fearful that being misquoted about James in an article was putting that friendship in danger.

Love spoke to Chris Fedor of and recalled how one story was falsely presented in a way that hinted at conflict between him and James. Instead of being angry, Love says that James simply dismissed the effort as yet another attempt to drive a wedge through the team

“I was like, ‘Hey man, this is what I said, not the headline,'” Love remembered. “He said, ‘Kev, you can’t f—— let people like that tear us apart.’ He was like, ‘Don’t even come to me with that. I know us. I know we’re good, whatever.’”

Throughout his four years as James’ teammate, Love repeatedly heard his name mentioned in trade talks. Such discussions usually revolved around the mistaken belief that the two players couldn’t co-exist with the Cavaliers.

While the two veterans had the occasional differences that other NBA players have, none rose to the level of controversy suggested. James’ comments to Love about that particular situation no doubt developed from previous instances in which James’ own actions were misrepresented.

In the end, the two players played key roles in making the Cavaliers perennial NBA title contenders. Their relationship is forever embedded in the minds of every Cavaliers fan with one photo that was taken immediately after the Cavs had captured the 2016 NBA championships: the two players enthusiastically hugging in celebration.

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