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NBA Players React to Crucial Charge Call on Kevin Durant Being Overturned

LeBron James Charge Kevin Durant

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was filled with controversial moments from start to finish. However, none were more controversial than when the game’s referees overturned a charging foul call on Kevin Durant and turned it into a blocking foul on LeBron James late in the game.

With just 36.4 seconds left on the clock following the play, it was a hugely impactful call to make on basketball’s biggest stage. While the Oracle Arena crowd was jubilant over the overturned call, many could not understand how the game’s refs would make such a huge change on what amounted to a judgement call.

Some of those who were left scratching their heads were James and Durant’s own colleagues. A number of NBA stars took to Twitter to share their opinions on the questions call.

If the call had been confirmed as an offensive charge, the Cavs would have regained possession with a real chance to ice the game. Instead, Durant was sent to the line and managed to tie the game up.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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