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Video: Raptors Player in Awe of LeBron, Daps Him Up During Crucial Moment of Game

LeBron James and Fred VanVleet

In the heat of the moment, some players just lose their concentration and do something foolish. As LeBron James was getting ready to shoot the second of his two clutch free throws with 7.8 seconds remaining in the game, one of his opponents did the unthinkable — he gave him a high five.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers up 130-128 over the Toronto Raptors, James was at the line during a crucial moment when Fred VanVleet happened to brush James’ hand as if to tap him for making the first free throw. The Raptors guard likely got confused thinking that a teammate was taking the free throws at the time.

Since James didn’t acknowledge him the first time, the Cavs All-Star went back to give VanVleet the high five he intended to give him in the first place.

Later with 3.9 seconds remaining, as James was once again at the line to take another free throw, the camera panned towards the second-year player while he was staring at his opponent as if he was star-struck.

The Cavaliers won the game 132-129 after James made seven free throws in the last three minutes of the fourth quarter.

The incidents in dying seconds of the game were hilarious moments that many on social media feasted on, making it appear that VanVleet idolized James so much that he couldn’t help himself. Whether the Raptors backup guard actually adores James or not, he simply wasn’t going to be rude to the four-time MVP when he reached out his hand.

No matter what anyone thinks about VanVleet’s gesture, anyone who saw James that night would have certainly admired his epic performance.

Even if he was playing for the other team.

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