Koby Altman Details How Excited LeBron Is About Cleveland's Newest Additions - Cavaliers Nation

Koby Altman Details How Excited LeBron Is About Cleveland’s Newest Additions

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The chaotic day that resulted in an extreme makeover for the Cleveland Cavaliers was put forth to try to salvage the team’s season. In the wake of those deals, Cavs general manager Koby Altman appears to be getting praise from the team’s most important commodity, LeBron James.

Prior to the deals being made, the belief had been that the team was going to commence with a rebuilding effort and let James walk away in free agency in July. Altman’s moves appear to have changed those perceptions.

Of course, until the Cavaliers start winning against quality teams, the belief that their run of three straight trips to the NBA Finals is over will continue. The Cavaliers have two months to establish the sort of chemistry that will be needed as they enter the postseason.

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