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7 Reasons Cleveland Cavaliers Will Win Back-to-Back Championships

7 Reasons Cleveland Cavaliers Will Win Back-to-Back Championships

As the Cleveland Cavaliers wait to discover who their opponent in the Eastern Conference Finals will be, they find themselves halfway to their goal of capturing a second consecutive NBA championship. Having not tasted postseason defeat since Game 4 of last year’s finals, the Cavaliers are currently clicking on all cylinders and offer clear signs as to why they’ll again raise the Larry O’Brien Trophy next month. Here are eight reasons why:

7. Psychological Warfare

Draymond Green and LeBron James

Last year, the Golden State Warriors stood one game away from their second straight championship, a dream that crumpled under the weight of a Draymond Green suspension, an injury to Andrew Bogut and the clutch performances LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

During the regular season, the two teams split their games, with the Cavs’ win sparking criticism from the Warriors about the referees’ calls. With Green continuing to periodically comment about the Cavaliers, Stephen Curry still trying to live down his Game 7 performance in last year’s finals, and the team’s anger about the Halloween decorations from James, it’s clear that the Cavs are in the Warriors’ heads. That may end up meaning that they overlook simply playing the game in their quest to make a statement about which team is better.

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