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Kyrie Irving Leaves LeBron James Off His All-Time NBA All-Star Team

Kevin Love, LeBron James, and Kyrie Irving

In the buildup to Sunday night’s All-Star Game, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was asked during media day on Friday to name his all time All-Star team. To the surprise of virtually everyone, Irving didn’t select his teammate LeBron James to the squad.

Irving selected Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Shaquille O’Neal for his starting five.

“I’d put MJ at the 1, Kobe at the 2, Ray Allen at the 3, gotta space it out, got to have a spot up 4, so I’m probably going to go with KG, he’s going to rim-run, do the dirty work. I’d put Shaq at the 5,” Irving said.

Continuing the fantasy, Irving selected himself to the coaching unit:

“Easy money I’m coaching that,” Irving said.

James enters Sunday’s game as the all-time leading scorer in All-Star history with 291 points, averaging 24.3 points per game.

What was odd about Irving’s choice is that his All-Star teammate John Wall was asked the same question and included James. Despite the possible controversy that might surface, Irving had no worries.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah well, I mean, he (James) understands,” Irving said, while quickly walking off the podium.

Earlier in the day, Irving had described James as “awesome,” and indicated his high level of respect for the 14-year veteran.

“You learn so much, just how to be a consummate professional,” Irving said. “How to really be engaged every single day.”

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