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5 Point Guards Cavs Could Be Looking to Target in December

Deron Williams Mavs

After nearly four weeks of action on the court, the Cleveland Cavaliers have gotten off to a strong 10-2 start. That sterling mark is in spite of the issues that they continue to have when Kyrie Irving requires some rest during a game, which has increased the level of focus in the team’s front office to find a key reserve.

One date to watch within the next month is Dec. 15. That date signifies the first day that players who were signed to free-agent deals this past July can be traded. In some cases, these circumstances might be the result of some buyer’s remorse or simply a way to reduce the payroll.

The Cavs have a $9.6 million trade exception that they can use to make such a deal, since they are far beyond the regular salary cap limit. With that in mind, here are five point guards who might eventually be putting on a Cleveland uniform in the near future:

5. Ramon Sessions, Charlotte

Ramon Sessions, Charlotte Hornets

The unlikely prospect of Sessions making a return trip to Cleveland gives an idea of how slim the pickings are in this category. Sessions’ first season with the Cavaliers was the disastrous 2010-11 campaign, the first in the post-LeBron James era. He averaged 13.3 points and dished out 5.2 assists per game, starting nearly half of his 81 games. The following year, he was dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers midseason.

The 30-year-old Sessions has primarily been a reserve during his career with eight different teams, averaging 10.8 points and contributing 4.2 assists per game. That’s been in an average of 24 minutes worth of action. The problem with his shooting is that his long-range touch has dipped considerably in recent years.

Sessions was dealt during Irving’s rookie season and in July, signed a two-year deal with Charlotte for $12.27 million. The Cavaliers are likely to conclude that they can do better, though they may have to consider Sessions if nothing else opens up.

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