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Sign Petition to Keep LeBron James Banner up in Cleveland, Ohio

LeBron James Banner

One of the iconic sights in Cleveland is the gigantic Nike banner of the Cleveland CavaliersLeBron James that’s located across the street from Quicken Loans Arena. The sheer size of it makes it impossible for anyone with any semblance of sight to miss it.

However, due to the Republican National Convention that will take place at the arena from July 18-21, Sherwin-Williams will be temporarily removing the James banner. The company, whose corporate headquarters is being used to hang it, will instead appeal to the patriotic instincts of convention-goers with a sign referencing their time in business that reads, “This Land Is Our Land: 150 Years in Cleveland.” The sign will go up on July 5 for a period of 90 days, though the decision itself was first announced in early May

Despite that temporary absence, some fans in Cleveland are outraged about the removal of the James banner. One, Kathy Springer of surburban Macedonia, was angry enough to start a petition on in an attempt to change the company’s mind.

A portion of the petition read, “The banner is a symbol of persistence, promise and pride in the Cleveland Cavaliers and Northeastern Ohio. Removing this banner will be a travesty to what we call Cleveland. We are proud, we are Cleveland and we are with our TEAM the Cavaliers!  This banner is the BEST message we can show to anyone visiting our town for the RNC.”

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

As of Friday evening, 18,608 supporters have signed on, with 25,000 required to send it not only to Sherwin-Williams, but the city of Cleveland, the Republican party of Cuyahoga County (where the Cavaliers play) and the Republican National Committee.

The sign, which measures an estimated 110 feet by 212 feet, has evolved since first being hung in 2005. The first, which read, “We Are All Witnesses,” stayed up until July 2010, when James announced that he was taking his talents to the Miami Heat. When he announced he was returning to Cleveland four years later, the banner returned, this time with James shown throwing chalk in the air.

Just after the Cavaliers captured the NBA title on Sunday night, the word “Champions” was lit up at the top of the banner. The “C” in champions was in the shape of the Cavs’ logo.

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