The 25 Greatest Players in Cleveland Cavaliers History

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1. LeBron James (2003-10, 2014-Present)

You were expecting someone else? Now in his second tenure with the franchise, James continues to shatter team records along the way. He helped take the team to their first-ever NBA Finals in 2007, and has his sights on making return visits over the next few years.

LeBron James

As already noted, some omissions will be noted by readers, while others will criticize the placement of certain players. That’s the beauty of these type of lists—there’s no one correct answer and the list will be revamped in the years ahead. If anything, the list is a starting point to debate how good each of the players listed truly was for the Cavaliers.

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Brad Sullivan is a lead writer for Cavaliers Nation. He has spent much of life in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and has remained a Cavalier fan from their 1970 beginnings through the return of LeBron James. While that fandom was sorely tested during the Reign of Error known simply by one word, Stepien, that overall historical perspective will be part of his writing for Cavaliers Nation in the months ahead.